Fund projects worldwide that are identified as valuable by the Scientific Advisory Committee

Fund Fellowships worldwide at institutions that will spur research

To become well informed of the current issues facing WAS families

Work closely with organizations like USIDNet, PIDTC and ESID to enroll patients and carriers, assist in collection of data for long term studies and help identify projects that are important to the families


Provide financial assistance for families in need

Support the Varun Bhaskaran Scholarship that provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students with WAS

Provide support for families and patients through support groups

Provide one on one support


Keep current and as accurate as possible the information on the website with support from the Scientific Advisory Committee

Work with organizations like IDF and JMF to providing education to families and physicians

Education through the support groups

"Ask an Expert" feature through the support group

Hold WAS Family Conferences and increase presence in the IDF National Conferences

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