Find a Family

Find a Family

Here are links to a families who have children with WAS. These websites and personal stories provide a unique and personal look into the reality of the world of WAS. These families have taken the time to chronicle their journey providing knowledge and courage for parents who are contemplating a transplant for their children and allows them to be better prepared for their journey. The web sites of children who are not transplanted provide an insight into the world of dealing with a child with a chronic medical condition and it's implications. These web sites reflect the love, caring, courage and dedication of these families to their children and the challenges they face together. Please take some time to visit these families and consider leaving a few words of encouragement.

There are several families listed on this site who do not have a personal blog or web site. Many thanks to these families who have taken the time to write the information that they would like posted on the site. They can be contacted through the IDF WAS Discussion Forum (please register and sign up for the Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome group). This is an active forum where many families have come together to provide support and share information with each other. If you have a moment, please consider joining the forum.

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