Coping with WAS


"It takes a village to raise a child," goes an ancient African proverb. This could not be more true, than for raising a child with WAS. The chronic underlying medical needs, the unpredictable nature of the disease, with its share of life threatening emergencies, all contribute to a stressful life for the family. These families need support from physicians, family, friends, teachers, clergy, neighbors and sometimes professional counselors to help them cope with the disease. Rosalind Cardia has addressed some of these important issues and has provided some excellent strategies on how to cope. To contact Rosalind Cardia, please go to the IDF Friends Discussion Forum.

A support group can provide a means of support and becomes an avenue for exchange and rapid transmission of information.  Being in touch with other families going through a similar situation can help families cope better.  Links are provided to a few WAS families.  If you have a web site about a patient with WAS that you would like to share, please ask their permission and send me the link at and I will be happy to add it to the web site.

To learn more about coping with WAS, visit the Effects of WAS on the Family System page, or visit these other resources:

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