This Wiskott-Aldrich Foundation was founded in 2002 by friends and families of children facing WAS. Understanding first-hand the many challenges faced by these families, we have put together some important resources that our families need to cope better with this challenging disease.

The various links on the left provide links to:

  • Primary Immune Deficiency organizations around the world. These organizations are central resources for our families and can provide information, support and guidance .
  • Financial Resources: WAS is a challenging disease and a bone marrow transplant is the only known cure. A bone marrow transplant is stressful on the patient and the families and the financial burden adds to the stress. Listed are various resources that can help families financially.
  • Up-to date information and literature: As advocates, keeping up-to-date on medical information is important. You can find links to various articles in medical journals as well as links to literature for helping families cope.