Aaron David Yniguez was diagnosed with WAS at 5 months.  He was showing symptoms his first week of life with blood in his stool.  At first doctors thought Aaron had a milk allergy that was causing the bleeding or possibly Crohn's Disease. After about 3 months or so they diagnosed Aaron with ulcerative colitis.  Doctors were still puzzled and were not positive of the diagnoses.  Aaron was finally referred to see a hematologist. Dr. Mathias at Loma Linda University Medical Center saw symptoms Aaron had like eczema, petechiae, and low platelets.  She immediately wanted Aaron to be tested for WAS, as she was a bit familiar with the syndrome.  Sure enough, the day after Christmas 2007, it was confirmed positive. 

Aaron is now 2 years old (2009) and a true joy. 

We have decided not to go through a BMT or splenectomy.  We are waiting to see if Aaron is a candidate for Gene Therapy.  Currently, Aaron receives IVIG every 3 weeks. Aaron's platelet count is around 27,000 and his Hg around 10.  He has been taken off his steroid because doctors believe his colitis is gone.  He is on Septra, Diflucan and Iron. 

Aaron is very active and is a daredevil.  He loves to climb, play with is cars and loves to go to the park and drive his new Lightning McQueen power wheel that he got for his birthday.  Aaron is very smart and can say his ABC's and can count to 13.  I am a very proud mom and thank God everyday for my miracle!

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