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    Many of these books are recommended by IDF School Guide and are good resources to help parents and children understand their illness and help them cope better.

    The WAS Family Guide 

    Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome is a complex and challenging disorder and there is a lack of information about the disorder, the treatment and the resources that are available. The Wiskott-Aldrich Foundation has published this comprehensive guide to serve our patients and families.  The guide answers the common questions asked by families of children with WAS.  Included are the latest advances in medical care, clinical trials and resources for families. 

    You can download the WAS Family Guide for printing or viewing online at your convenience, If you have any suggestions or questions, please e-mail us at and we will get back to you.

    Informational  Books on Germs and Immune System

    Balkwill, Frances R. Amazing Schemes within Your Genes. Lerner Publishing Group. 1993. (Ages 8–11)

    Balkwill, Frances R. Cell Wars. Lerner Publishing Group. 1992. (Ages 12 and up)

    Balkwill, Frances R. DNA Is Here to Stay. Carolrhoda Books. 1994. (Ages 9–12)

    Balkwill, Frances R. Germ Zappers. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. 2001. (Age 7)

    Berger, Melvin. Germs Make Me Sick! Harper Trophy. 1995. (Ages 4–8)

    Boudreau, Gloria. The Immune System. Cengage Gale. 2004. (Ages 9 – 12)

    Bourgeois. Franklin Goes to the Hospital. Scholastic, Inc. 2000. (Ages 4 – 7)

    Bridwell, Norman. Clifford Visits the Hospital. Scholastic, Inc. 2000. (Ages 4 – 8)

    Cole, Joanna. The Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body. Scholastic, Inc., New York, NY. 1989.  (Ages 6–9)

    Collins, Ross. Germs. Bloomsbury, USA. 2004. (Ages 4 – 8)

    Donovan Reh, Beth. Germs. Cengage Gale. 2005. (Young Adult)

    Gelman, Rita Golden. Body Battles. Scholastic, Inc. 1992. (Ages 8–12)

    Garvey, Helen. The Immune System: Your Magic Doctor. Shire Press. 1992. (Age 9)

    Kornberg, Arthur. Germ Stories. University Science Books. 2007. (Ages 8 – 12)

    Nadler, Beth. The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie: A Book About Germs. Scholastic, Inc. 1995. (Ages 6–9)

    Nye, Bill, Weidner Zoehfeld, Kathleen. Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs. Hyperion

    Books for Children. 2005. (Ages 7 – 10)

    Parker, Steve. Defend Yourself: The Immune System. Raintree Publishers. 2006. (Ages 12 & up)

    Romanek, Trudee. Achoo!: The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About Germs.Kids Can Press, Ltd 2003. (Ages 12 and up)

    Thames, Susan. Our Immune System. Rourke Publishing. 2008. (Ages 4 – 8)

    Trumbauer, Lisa. Body Warriors. Raintree Publishers. 2006. (Ages 8 – 12)

    Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. Pooh Plays Doctor. Disney Press. 1999. (Preschool)

    Coping - for children

    Hickman Brynie, Faith. 101 Questions about Your Immune System You Felt Defenseless to Answer until Now. Lerner Publishing Group. 2000.  (young adult)

    Huegel, Kelly. Young People and Chronic Illness. Free Spirit Publishing, Inc. 1998. (Young Adult)

    Kaufman, Miriam. Easy for You to Say: Q & A’s for Teens Living with Chronic Illness or Disabilities. Firefly Books, Limited. 2005. (Young Adult)

    Libal, Autumn. Chained: Youth with Chronic Illness. Mason Crest Publishers. 2004. (Ages 9–12)

    McGrath, Tom. When You’re Sick or in the Hospital: Healing Help for Kids. Abbey Press. 2002. (Ages 3–11)

    Mills, Joyce C. Little Tree: A Story for Children with Serious Medical Problems. American Psychological Associates. 2003. (Ages 5–8)

    Thomas, Pat. Do I Have to Go to the Hospital?: A First Look at Going to the Hospital.Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. 2006. (Ages 5 – 8)

    Verdick, Elizabeth. Germs Are Not for Sharing. Free Spirit Publishing, Inc. 2006. (Infants – Preschool)

    Books for Siblings

    Duncan, Debbie. When Molly Was in the Hospital: A Book for Brothers and Sisters of Hospitalized Children. Rayne Productions, Inc. 1995. (Ages 4-7)

    Books for Parents

    Barrett-Singer, Alesia T. Coping with Your Child’s Chronic Illness. Robert D. Reed Publishers. 2004.

    Berends, Polly Berrien, Peck, M. Scott. Whole Child/Whole Parent. Harper Collins.1997.

    Bluebond-Langner, Myra. In the Shadow of Illness: Parents and Siblings of the Chronically Ill Child. Princeton University Press. 2000.

    Evelof, Scott. Both Sides of the White Coat. iUniverse, Inc. 2000.

    Leff, Patricia Taner, Walizer, Elaine H. Building the Healing Partnership: Parents, Professionals and Children with Chronic Illness and Disabilities. Brookline Books. 1992.

    McCollum, Audrey. The Chronically Ill Child: A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Yale University Press.  2001.

    IDF Publications

    Patient and Family Handbook for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases, 4th edition, 2007. 3rd edition available in Spanish.

    LeBien, Sara. Our Immune System. 2008.

    IDF School Guide, 2nd edition2009.

    Diagnostic and Clinical Care Guidelines for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases, 2nd edition, 2009.

    IDF Guide for Nurses on Immunoglobulin Therapy for Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases, 2nd edition, 2007.