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  • Scientific Advisory Committee

    Fabio Candotti, M.D.  Committee Chair
    Senior Investigator, Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch
    Head, Disorders of Immunity Section
    National Human Genome Research Institute
    National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD

    Rebecca Buckley,  M.D. Chair of the IDF Medical Advisory Committee
    J. Buren Sidbury Professor of Pediatrics and Immunology
    Division of Allergy & Immunology, Peds
    Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC.

    Alexandra Filipovich, M.D.
    Ralph J. Stolle Chair in Clinical Immunology
    Director, Immunodeficiency and Histiocytosis Program
    Medical Director, Hematology/Oncology Diagnostic Laboratory

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

    Luigi Notarangelo, M.D.
    Director, Research and Molecular Diagnosis Program on Primary Immunodeficiencies      
    Professor of Pediatrics and Pathology
    Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

    Hans Ochs, M.D.
    Jeffrey Modell Chair
    Chief, Immunology Clinic
    Seattle Children's Hospital
    Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle, WA

    Adrian Thrasher, MBBS. PhD. MRCPH, FRCPath, FMedSci.
    Professor in Pediatric Immunology/Honorary Consultant Immunologist
    Institute of Child Health, London, U.K. 

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