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  • Key Initiatives

    • The Wiskott-Aldrich Foundation started as a Wiskott-Aldrich Community Support Group  in January of 2009 at the IDF discussion forum. 
    • The first project was the creation of this information and resource website www.wiskott.org in collaboration with leading WAS experts and launched in August of 2009. 
    • Helped establish the Varun Bhaskaran Scholarship  in collaboration with IDF. 
    • 1st Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Family Conference sponsored by the NIH and organized by the IDF in Chicago in July of 2010 .  The conference was a great success, bringing together 160 attendees(families, physicians and researchers) from around the world. 
    • The Wiskott-Aldrich Foundation officially opened it's doors in June 2010 primarily to spur forward research for early diagnosis, better cures and for education of families and the medical community.
    • Began actively working with  USIDNet  and PIDTC to move forward WAS Initiatives.
    • In November of 2010 a successful merger was formed with  For Pete's Sake Foundation  creating a stronger and more experienced organization with an expanded focus to include financial support for families.  Since 2003, the foundation has helped save the lives of children with WAS from around the world, paying for the significant out-of pocket expenses that these families have to bear.  The foundation now receives a steady stream of requests for support, both financial and emotional.
    • The new, merged organization is now operating as The Wiskott- Aldrich Foundation
    • Announced the Wiskott-Aldrich Foundation Research Program in September 2011 and invited proposals to advance better cures for WAS.
    • Funded two research projects in 2012 and published the WAS Family Guide

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